Giving Gifts

Giving Gifts is your personal gift assistant and idea keeper

Your friend’s birthday has come surprisingly and you haven’t come up with an gift idea yet, although you’ve had so many ideas during the past year? Giving Gifts to the rescue!

Giving Gifts is your personal gift assistant for your iPhone. No more forgetting your gift ideas. No more losing those tiny notes. With Giving Gifts you can easily organize and structure your gift ideas in a smart way.

Never forget your gift ideas again by simply organizing them with Giving Gifts. First create a new gift, tag a person or an event (or both). Add all information directly to the gift, where to get it from, which size, how much it costs, etc.

Upcoming events are shown prominently and help you focus on the right occasions. Got all presents? Then mark the person as supplied, so you can concentrate on the next event and person. The app provides an easy to use interface to help you structure all your gift ideas in a single place.

Mark gifts as given whenever your loved ones received your surprise and keep track of what you gave them over the years. That way you never forget what you bought the years before.

Features of Giving Gifts

  • Keep an overview of all upcoming events
  • Add new gift ideas in no time
  • For every event choose the people you want to gift from you contacts
  • Keep track of the gifts and people you’ve already taken care of

In short: Giving Gifts is your personal gift assistant and idea keeper for your iPhone.

We are continuously improving Giving Gifts focussing on a great user experience. Feel free to contact us about what you think about Giving Gifts and help us getting better by providing us with your feedback.

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TICE Software (Andreas Ganske, Fabio Tacke, Simon Kempendorf)