My name is Andreas Ganske. I am a game developer and computer science student at the Humboldt University Berlin. I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in 2015 and my goal is to finish my master’s degree in early 2017.

Started teaching myself programming and game development in the 7th grade without books or tutorials, I became fascinated of creating software that others can enjoy. Since 2010 I develop games professionally at different companies and successfully launched several projects.

Worked on over 10+ successful Projects

After working for Dutyfarm as a freelancer and working student, where I taught myself to develop for iOS, I joined Wooga in November 2012 as a working student. I was part of many teams there and successfully worked on several games during my ongoing employment as a frontend engineer. Currently I’m working on Jelly Splash.

I am a very passionate developer, always looking for perfect solutions but with efficiency in mind and the goal to deliver on time. My skills include developing in Swift, Objective-C, PHP, Java and a lot of other programming languages. I also have strong knowledge about iOS and various programing libraries like cocos2d, SpriteKit and Box2D.