Save the solar system Geolaria and fight the Geoms on macOS

Decades ago, the five planets of the solar system Geolaria have been attacked and conquered by the aggressive nation of the Geoms. Each of the numerous subspecies has the same objective – to destroy you.

Dive into the world of Geolaria and experience quick gameplay with challenging laser battles between you and the endless masses of Geoms. Luminous colorful explosions and roasted parts of your enemies will mark your way of destruction and accentuate your triumph through the solar system.

You are equipped with a ship and a strong laser cannon but entirely on your own. Your mission is to wipe out all Geoms once and for all so that the human race can get back to Geolaria.

The constantly increasing difficulty forces you to improve your weapons with upgrades. Multiple piercing, powerful lasers will begin the carnage. But the opponents are keeping up with their endless mass against you – will you manage to overcome them and establish your reputation in this universe?



  • more than 40 different enemies
  • 5 demanding planetary missions
  • ultra neon graphics effects
  • beautiful electro music (by Sebastian Schell & DJ Atze)
  • dynamically increasing difficulty
  • power up system
  • easy tutorial

Download the game

Download Geolaria today for macOS 10.12+. Get neon styled action on your computer and last as long as you can in never ending laser battles.

How to play

The game can be played just with your mouse. Your space ship will follow your mouse cursor on the battle ground. Shoot your lasers while holding down your left mouse button. Grab the power ups by flying through them.

Geolaria waits for you – destroy all the Geoms before they destroy you (and probably the universe). Good luck!