Inspect the open ports and applications listening to them

Find out which software has registered to listen on which port and end any process from your menu bar with just one click. Ports is an open source macOS utility that lets you inspect the open ports on your computer.

Menu bar popover of Ports showing five processes with 9 opened ports.

The program is lightweight and easy to use. Never wonder again which programs are blocking a port only to search how to find out which applications are listening to which port. Use ports to list all processes and their ports they are listening to.

The Ports application is notarized by Apple. Ports runs on macOS Big Sur (11.0) or later and universally runs on Intel 64-bit and Apple M1 processors.

You can install Ports using Homebrew and always get the latest version:

brew tap chaoscoder/homebrew-tap
brew install chaoscoder/homebrew-tap/ports


  • Lists all open ports and their associated applications
  • Quickly close ports with just one click
  • A simple, easy to use interface

Ports makes use of the lsof tool shipping with your macOS installation and provides an easy to use graphical interface for it, because no one remembers the parameters needed.

Ports is free and open source software, available under the MIT license. You can find the source code and issue tracker on GitHub. If you encounter any issues or have any feedback or feature requests, please open an issue on GitHub.