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    If you’re not a morning person, waking with an unwelcome loud sound of a conventional alarm clock can leave you feeling groggy the whole morning ahead. 

    Photo by Bruce Mars

    A dawn simulator alarm can save your day. Wake-up light alarm clocks bring you slowly in shallower states of sleep. This gradual transition from deeper to shallower states of sleep has been found to wake you more naturally and boost your mood, energy and productivity for the whole day through, as researchers continually find:

    Our data indicate that exposure to an artificial morning dawn simulation light improves subjective well-being, mood, and cognitive performance […] with minimal impact on circadian phase. Thus, Dawn-simulating Lights may provide an effective strategy for enhancing cognitive performance, well-being, and mood under mild sleep restriction.

    Effects of Artificial Dawn and Morning Blue Light on Daytime Cognitive Performance, Well-being, Cortisol and Melatonin LevelS (2013), VIRGINIE GABEL ET AL.

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