Wake Up Light

Improve Translations

    Wake Up Light is available in multiple languages, but it still needs translations for the following languages:

    • Spanish
    • French
    • Swedish
    • Italian
    • German (100%)
    • English (100%)
    • Dutch (100%)

    Did you find a mistake or an awkward translation? Would you like to help improve the translations?

    Join the translation platform POEditor and help me translating Wake Up Light. English, Dutch and German are already covered, but if you know Spanish, Swedish, Italian or French, feel free to join.

    You speak a language that Hyperion Remote is not yet translated to and want to help? Contact me.

    Every contributor who helps to improve the translations (at least 10 contributed strings) will receive a promo code to get the Premium Mode one month for free. Please contact me here and provide the email address that you used on POEditor after you made some contributions.

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