Super offer – Geolaria now 0.99$!

Geolaria is on sale for 99 Cents! (0.99$) in the Mac App Store! This offer is only available a few days, so get it now! So use the opportunity, tell your friends about the campaign and have fun! Visit the App Store »

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Update 1.3

Now the bug that caused the Geoms to stop or delay spawning is really fixed. Another bug was found by Xeres – the experience bar didn’t display the right values. This is fixed now. Additionally I fixed a graphics bug at the scroll bars of the high scores. If there is a new version of Geolaria available there will be a note in the main menu of the game. You… Read on »


Update 1.2

And again – a new version of Geolaria has just been released. The Mac App Store haven’t catched v1.1 yet, so it will be skipped there. Hopefully they review it soon. Version 1.2: The last planet “Allasur” couldn’t be started. The game just crashed. Should be fixed now. A small version number has been added behind the title “Geolaria” ingame so you can see which version you have. » To… Read on »

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Update 1.1

Just released version 1.1 of Geolaria! Hopefully the Mac App Store and Desura will update them soon. The demo you can download on this site is already updatet! * Fixed the bug where the Geoms stopped spawning. * Fixed the tutorial now. * Created a new .zip-File for Windows (there were some problems with it)

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Last step

It’s no longer up to me. Geolaria was just sent to Apple and Desura.
Typical review time at Apple is one week. Once I got the confirmation that the Mac App Store will take Geolaria in, I announce the release date. Until then, fingers crossed is a must!
It has previously been quite some time to send Apple my Geolaria package. At the last second… Read on »

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